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2023/May/26 Specially Appointed Asst.Prof.Song (E-IMR) had a presentation at 7th Structural Materials Research Laboratory Meeting
2023/4/23-26 D2/Louis LESAGE、D3/Ohashi、Specially Appointed Asst.Prof.Song (E-IMR) and Assoc.Prof.Wada had presenation at Fourth International Symposium on Nanoporous Materials by Alloy Corrosion
2023/Mar/30 Prof.Kato had a special lecture at Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University
2023/Mar/27-29 Prof.Kato had an invited talk at The 90th ECSJ (Electrochemical Society of Japan) Annual Meeting
2023/Mar/17 Paper「Dissimilar Joining of Immiscible Fe-Mg using Solid Metal Dealloying」has been published in Scripta Materialia(M2/Kurabayashi)Free access until May05,2023 Paper
2023/Mar/11 D2/Ohashi and Asst.Prof.Yamada had presentations at Design & Engineering by Joint Inverse Innovation for Materials Architecture(DEJI2MA)meeting
2023/Mar/7-10 D2/Ohashi had a presentation at The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials (JIM) Annual Spring Meeting 2023


  • 2023/May/16 Three Labs Joint Sport Event

  • 2023/Apr/7 Welcome party

  • 2023/Mar/24 M2 Graduation

  • 2022/Dec/23 Lab cleaning and Year-end party

  • 2022/Dec/7 The 6th Lab sport event

  • 2022/Nov/29 M2/Nakata The 143th IMR Lecture Meeting Excellent Poster Award

  • 2022/Oct/27 D1/Tang GP-MS International Symposium Best Poster Award

  • 2022/Oct/26 4th place in IMR Kyoyukai Futsal game!

  • 2022/Sep/26 D3 & M2/Graduation

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