Non-Equilibrium Materials Research Laboratory, IMR, Tohoku University
加藤研究室|東北大学金属材料研究所 非平衡物質工学研究部門

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What's New!!

2024/Jul/3-5 D1/Kurabayashi、Asst.Prof.Yamada、Prof.Kato will have presentation at NANO KOREA 2024Web page
2024/May/28 M2/Jiayan LIU、D2/Bian、D2/Tang had presentation at The 146th IMR Lecture Meeting
2024/May/21-23 D3/Louis LESAGE and Asst.Prof.Yamada had presentation at Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy Spring meeting 2024
2024/Apr/16 Paper「A diffusion model for liquid metal dealloying. Application to NiCu precursors dealloyed in liquid Ag」has been published in Acta Materialia(D3/Lesage)(Takumi Suga/UACJ Corporation)
2024/Apr/10-12 Prof.Kato had a keynote talk at JWRI/ACerS 3rd Global Conference and Exhibition on Smart Additive Manufacturing, Design & Evaluation (Smart MADE 2024)
2024/Apr/6 Paper「Accelerated structural ordering during liquid metal dealloying and its effect on thermal coarsening of nanoporous refractory alloys」has been published in Scripta Materialia(Assoc.Prof.Wada)
2024/Apr/1 Welcomed new M1 students/Kazuki INAGAKI, Kiichi KAJI, Nana MURATA
2024/Mar/13 D3/Ohashi won the best poster presentation award from the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials (JIM) Annual Spring Meeting 2024
2024/Mar/13-15 D1/Kurabayashi、D3/Liu、D3/Ohashi and Asst.Prof.Yamada had their presentation at The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials (JIM) Annual Spring Meeting 2024
2024/Mar/9 D1/Kurabayashi and D3/Ohashi had presentations at Design & Engineering by Joint Inverse Innovation for Materials Architecture(DEJI2MA)meeting
2024/Mar/1 Prof.Ilya OKULOV from Bremen University (Germany) joined Kato Lab as a Visiting Associate Professor (1 month)
2024/Feb/24 Paper「Mechanically Robust Self-Organized Crack-Free Nanocellular Graphene with Outstanding Electrochemical Properties in Sodium Ion Battery」has been published in Advanced Materials(Wong-Young Park/Hyundai Motor Group)(Soo-Hyun Joo/Dankook University)
2024/Feb/20 Paper「Bicontinuous microstructure formation of immiscible phases by the liquid metal replacement method and its application to Ti/Mg dissimilar joining」has been published in Journal of Alloys and Compounds(D3/Ohashi)


  • 2024/May/13 Three Labs Joint Futsal Game

  • 2024/Apr/13 Hanami

  • 2024/Mar/26 Graduation

  • 2024/Mar/13 D3/Ohashi Best poster presentation award/JIM Annual Spring Meeting 2024

  • 2024/Feb/21 Master & Doctor thesis completion party

  • 2023/Dec/27 Lab cleaning and Year-end party

  • 2023/Dec/6 M2/Konno The 1453th IMR Lecture Meeting Excellent Poster Award

  • 2023/Nov/7 Louis's welcome and Imoni party

  • 2023/Jul/20 IMR Beer Party

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