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FY 2024 Photos【click to enlarge photos】

2024/May/13 Joint Futsal Game

A joint futsal game was held between Yoshimi Laboratory, Nomura Laboratory, and Kato Laboratory in the Department of Materials Science, Graduate School of Engineering. Last year, Kato Lab organized the first event and Nomura Lab was the winner of the game last year. So, Nomura Lab served as the organizer of this year's event. Since Kato Lab didn't have enough players, we had to get help from Nagai Laboratory (Prof.Nagai and three students) of the Institute of Fluid Science. The first game (vs. Yoshimi Lab's stronger team) was 0-1 loss, but the second game (vs. Nomura Lab's team) was 2-0 win, and the third game (vs. Yoshimi Lab's team) was 5-0 win. The result of the fourth game (vs. Nomura Lab's stronger team) was the key game, but the game was stopped after three points lost, and the game was counted as a loss. We won 2 games, lost 2 games, and came in 3rd place out of 5 teams, but the last place in 3 Labs. Yoshimi Lab, this year's winner, will be the organizer for the next event. We are looking forward to it.We all enjoyed the evening party as well.

2024/Apr/13 Hanami

The IMR Hanami, which had been canceled since 2020, was revived for the first time in five years at Mikamine park, and we participated. The weather started to warm up around February, so the cherry blossoms were expected to bloom earlier. Most of us thought that the cherry blossoms might have already fallen by the time of our Hanami date, but they were in full bloom! It was a perfect day for Hanami. After Hanami, we returned to IMR and started the second-party. Many people from other laboratories gathered at Kato lab and enjoyed until late night.