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FY 2023 Photos【click to enlarge photos】

2023/Jul/20 IMR Beer Party

Since the summer of 2019, after 4 years of self-restraint, the IMR Beer Party has finally returned! It had been heavily raining whole afternoon so most of us thought it would be difficult to hold the event outdoors, but the organizer (Graduate students) decided to delay the time and hold the event outdoors! The rain stopped at 17:00 and we enjoyed the party until last without rain. Prof.Sasaki, director of IMR, gave a toast with Matsuken Samba music and we enjoyed drinking with lab members and as time went by, people from other laboratories joined us. M2/Minabe and M1/LIU Jiayan participated in the fast drinking competition. Unfortunately both of them did not make it to the finals. M1/Abe and M2/Konno did very well in the Karaoke competition, with Konno coming in first and Abe in third! M2/Minabe participated in the quiz competition, struggled with rare questions and lost the first round. We went back to laband had the second party, where we had drinks and snacks and talked until late at night with guests from various labs.

2023/May/16 Joint sports event

We held a joint sports event with two labs of the School of Engineering, Yoshimi Laboratory and Nomura Laboratory. 60 people gathered for this event!  We had two teams from each laboratory, and six teams played futsal against each other. Kato Lab was divided into two teams: Kato-sensei team, which was aiming for a win, and Wada-sensei team, which was playing slowly. Kato-sensei team won the tournament and played against two teams from Nomura Lab but we lost both games. Nomura lab was a physically strong team. Wada-sensei team played against two teams from Yoshimi Lab in the losers' group and lost both games. Yoshimi lab scored a lot by women's 3-point rule. Nomura Lab, which placed 1st and 2nd, won the overall championship. Kato Lab, which placed 3rd and 6th, and Yoshimi Lab, which placed 4th and 5th, were came up with the same points, but Kato Lab lost in the Professor's Janken match. So, Kato Lab was a 3rd place. Although we lost in the end, we really had a good time on the spacious Aobayama ground! In the evening, we had a large Nomikai by 60 people, deepened the friendship among the three laboratories. We hope to have a 2nd sport event in the fall and to win next time!

2023/Apr/7 Welcome party

IMR refrained again from annual Hanami this year, so Kato-lab planned lab Hanami instead. But unfortunately, it rained... Although there were no Sakura at the venue, we held a welcome party for new students indoors. From younger grade students introduced themselves first, followed by the new M1 students (Fukuda, Abe, and Miura) and D1/Bian. We had time for questions to each of us, and once again we got to know a new side of all the members. New members: Fukuda, a serious mountain climber and good drinker; Abe, a trumpet player and beer lover; Miura, a strong badminton player and good drinker; Bian, who works hard at muscle training and games lover. Now we have additional drinking lovers! We are sure that future lab events would be more exciting.