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FY 2024 Staff

Professor・Hidemi KATO
TU Academic research  CV
From Sendai
Favorite:Beer, Whisky
Research keywords:Metallic glass, porous metals/alloys, dealloying

Associate Prof.・Takeshi WADA
TU Academic research
From Sendai
Favorite food:Sushi
Research keywords:Metallic glass, amorphous alloy, porous metals

Assistant Prof.・Rui YAMADA
From Sendai

Research keywords:Fabrication of precision parts of metallic glass, state control of metallic glass

E-IMR Specially Appointed Asst.Prof.・Ruirui SONG
From China, Henan
Favorite food:All kinds of noodles/Ramen
Research keywords:Dealloying, porous metals/alloys, electrochemistry, electrochemical/optical sensors

AIMR Associate Prof.・Eric Jianfeng CHENG
From China, Wuhan
Favorite food:Gyutan(beef tongue)
Research keywords:All solid-state metal batteries, Ceramics

Secretary・Saeko ITO
Favorite food:Green Curry, Mackerel
From Yokohama


D3(October enrollment)・Gerelmaa KHUCHITBAATAR
From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Favorite food:Yakiniku(grilled beef)
Theme:Synthesis and applications of nanoporous tungsten and tungsten-copper composite for heat sinks by liquid metal dealloying

D3(October enrollment)・Fangzhou LIU
From China, Shandong
Favorite food:Watermelon
Theme:Production and application of porous metal carbides by Liquid Metal Dealloying

From Paris, France
Favorite food:Pork Cutlet with Miso Sauce
Theme:Elaboration of porous powders by liquid metal dealloying

D2(October enrollment)・Bowen TANG
From China, Yueyang
Favorite food:Salty Stir-fried Eggs and Tomatoes
Theme:Effect of crystalline defects on dealloying

D2・Xiao BIAN
From China, Shanghai
Favorite food:Seafoods, Beef, chicken neck
Theme:Three-dimensional nanoporous silicon carbide fabricated by liquid metal dealloying and worked as anode materials for rechargeable alkali-ion batteries

D1(October enrollment)・Kota KURABAYASHI
From Sendai
Favorite food:Rice with grated yam
Theme:Immiscible Fe-Mg dissimilar joining using Solid Metal Dealloying reaction

M2(October enrollment)・Jiayan LIU
From China, Liaoning
Favorite food:Sweet Stir-fried Eggs and Tomatoes
Theme:Three-dimensional Nanoporous MoS2 Powder Fabricated by Liquid Metal Dealloying as Lithium-ion Battery Anode

M2・Masahiro ABE
From Sendai
Favorite food:Chinese deep-fried chicken
Theme:Preparation of Cu-Mo Composites by Liquid Metal Dealloying and Their Application to Heat Sinks

M2・Mikihisa FUKUDA
From Gumma
Favorite food:Kiryu-styled Rice Bowl Topped with Pork Cutlet and Worcestershire Sauce
Theme:Instantly Achieving Optimal Interfacial Contact Between Li Metal Anode and Garnet Oxide Slectrolyte by Ultrasonic Welding

M2・Taiki MIURA
From Sendai
Favorite food:Ramen
Theme:Effect of ligament crystal regularization on porous structure formation and coarsening in liquid metal dealloying

From Tokyo

M1・Kiichi KAJI
From Kanagawa

From Fukushima
Favorite food:Corn
Theme:in preparation

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