Non-Equilibrium Materials Research Laboratory, IMR, Tohoku University
加藤研究室|東北大学金属材料研究所 非平衡物質工学研究部門

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Metallic Glass

Metallic Glass-1

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Metallic Glass-2

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Metallic Glass-3

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Metallic Glass-4

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Porous Metal

Porous Metal-1

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Porous Metal-2

This research consists in developing numerical models to better understand the evolution of complex systems; We currently focus on modeling of liquid metal dealloying, an innovative processing technique used to fabricate finely porous materials with outstanding properties. The phase-field modeling technique allows to model accurately both the formation process and the subsequent coarsening of the microstructure. The synergy between simulations and experimental observations enables to better understand the fundamental mechanisms taking place during liquid metal dealloying, and opens the way to potential improvements of this new fabrication technique.

Porous Metal-3

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